Mount Townsend by Natalie Segal

Last year, my sister Anna and I planned a trip to the Main Range in Kosciuszko National Park, NSW. We hadn't skied together in years and had never been backcountry skiing together.

It was five days to remember or howling winds, storms, blood red sunsets and full moons. In turn, this trip inspired us to embark on a two year documentary film project that we have since dubbed Finding The Line.

Check out this film that cinematographer Lachlan Humphreys put together from our trip. A big thanks to Holly Walker, Teddy Laycock, Lachlan Humphreys and Giorgio for their great company!

5 Niseko Stories by Natalie Segal



During the winter of 2015/2016 My House Pictures, a Higashiyama-based production company, was out and about in Niseko capturing a look at winter with the Niseko apparel company OYUKI's team riders for the new film "5 Niseko Stories".

Part 3 features Nat Segal, a Freeride World Tour competitor and former mogul skier with a love for Niseko's famous powder snow.

#whatperiod by Natalie Segal

Earlier this year I was asked to be participate in an advertisement for sanitary napkins (pads).

At the time I honestly thought it was as a hoax and after realising that it wasn't a small part of me dreaded ending up being the skiing pad girl....

Two months later the ad aired and I was blown away by it. Not only was it awesome, the producers and directors have put together a piece of advertising that promotes women being themselves and not letting the fact that they have a monthly period hold them back.

So if you haven't already had the pleasure check out the director's cut:


Directors: Cos We Can Client: Kotex Agency: OgiIvy Producer: Fran Derham DOP: Clare Plueckhahn Production Company: One20 Editor: Andrew Stalph