Ski glamping. It’s a thing. by Natalie Segal

When we first heard about the Points North Heli Tour camp, I imagined the classic winter camp, tent, cold toes scenario. No one could have prepared me for the experience we were about to have. Read more in a story a wrote for below.

Downtime at PNH Tour Camp, Alaska. Photo: Zoya Lynch

Downtime at PNH Tour Camp, Alaska. Photo: Zoya Lynch

"As one professional athlete recently commented to me, “why the f**k would you go winter snow camping when, for the same price, you could stay in a nice cosy chalet drinking gluhwein and eating cookies.”

It’s a good argument. I am all for gluhwein and cookies, especially if I am on a ski holiday. Holidays are meant to be relaxing, where you ski all day and drink wine in front of the fire all night- none of this ‘dig out the tent’ malarkey. Why would you go and make more hard work for yourself?

I don’t really have an answer to that question but I do have a solution, winter glamping."