Known for her high energy, adventurous spirit and driven personality, Nat Segal is much more than just a competitive freeride skier.

For six years Nat traveled the world as a top competitor in freeride skiing events, including the Freeride and Freeskiing World Tours. 

After helping to spearhead the Shifting Ice and Changing Tides expedition to Greenland in 2014, for which she received a National Geographic Young Explorer’s Grant, Nat has branched out to focus on filming, collaborating with film production companies and outdoor brands.

Over the last few years Nat has been involved in and organised a series of film projects and ski expeditions including film shoots with PURE (Shades of Winter, 2014) and 5 Niskeo Stories (My House Pictures, 2016).

She recently completed her first film as a producer, Finding The Line, which she co-produced with her sister Anna Segal (Olympian and professional freeskier), directed by adventure film maker Bjarne Salén. Finding The Line is now being distributed international - more details.

Nat recently moved to Revelstoke, Canada. When she is not skiing enjoys writing about her adventures, climbing mountains and plotting her next ski escapade.      



  Photo: Zoya Lynch

Photo: Zoya Lynch


2015     5th    Freeride World Qualifier Series
2015     3rd    Nendaz Freeride, FWQ 4*
2014    2nd    Roldal Freeride Challenge, FWQ 4*
2014      1st    Telluride Freeskiing Championships
2013     3rd    Freeride World Tour, Revelstoke
2012      1st    Whakapapa Xtremes, FWQ 3*
2012    2nd    NZ Freeski Open, FWQ 3*
2012     1st     World Heli Challenge, FWQ 3*
2012    3rd     Freeskiing World Tour Championships
2012      1st    Freeskiing World Tour Qualifiers
2011     2nd    FWQ Export 33 Extremes, FWQ 4*
2011     3rd     K2 Big Mountain Chill Series, FWQ 3*
2010     3rd    Rip Curl Freeride Pro, Thredbo


2014 National Geographic Young Explorer Award
2013 Polartec Challenge Grant